Stephanie Michelle RD
Stephanie Michelle RD


My name is Stephanie Michelle and I'm a Registered Dietitian (Nutritionist) & Eating Psychology specialist.

I use an anti-diet and intuitive eating approach to help you heal your relationship with food and overcome chronic dieting, disordered eating, and body-image challenges.

If you're ready to end the dieting cycle, embrace the transformative process of self-acceptance, and finally reclaim your life, then don't wait another day. I look forward to learning more about you and your story in our first discovery session together.


Holistic Counseling & Nutrition for the Whole Person

Heal your relationship with food and life.



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My name is Stephanie and I help people live free from dieting.

As both a dietitian and a counselor, I use a holistic non-diet approach to help my clients overcome chronic dieting, emotional eating, binge eating, and body-image challenges. My work is weight inclusive and celebrates diversity in all its forms.

I’ve learned that addressing food is only half the story, and that oftentimes we need a deeper approach to achieve long-term sustainable change. My mission is to provide you with a safe space to explore your unique challenges with food, body, and eating, and help guide you back to effortless eating patterns and ultimately inner peace.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to schedule your free discovery call so that we can connect soon. You can also read more about me, my work, and my story below.

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