Stephanie Michelle RD
Stephanie Michelle RD

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How my approach is different

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist I’m trained in science-based clinical nutrition, but nutrition is only half the story when it comes to improving our diets and our health.  The other half is who we are as eaters.  In my professional practice, I combine the best strategies from nutrition science with practical coaching techniques, body centered practices, mind-body science, and a positive and compassionate approach to challenges with food and health. 

My approach goes far beyond classical nutrition by focusing on the fascinating connections between brain and body and how thoughts, feelings and beliefs impact nutritional metabolism and health.  Each of us has a unique, fascinating, and ever changing relationship with food, and my work affirms the primary importance of this relationship.  I recognize that challenges with eating, weight and health are intimately connected to other primary life dimensions including relationships, family, work, our search for meaning and fulfillment, and more.    

I don’t view your eating and health challenges as the enemy or as an indication that something’s wrong with you, but as a beautiful opportunity for growth and self-improvement.  I focus on what’s right for your body and your personal style and work with you to identify some of the personal life dimensions that have been keeping you from reaching your goals.  As we work together in this way, eating and health issues become a place of exploration.  By working in the places that are most relevant for you, the journey back to optimal health is more easily achieved and weight loss often feels effortless.